Yuki no Onna


Here’s another favorite among the folklore of Japan, the Snow Maiden – Yuki no Onna.

The Snow Maiden is purported as a young, beautiful woman, with long, black hair and pale skin that was cold to the touch. Most likely to be seen in a snowstorm or a snowy landscape wearing a white kimono. The origin of the Yuki no Onna is up to some debate, she might be a snow spirit, but some believe she might have been the manifestation of a young woman who perished in the middle of the snowstorm. She is portrayed as violent and aggressive, but also loving and motherly.

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Chapter 6-2: More from Shinogan


I refused to let Mitsuo talk us through the rest of the Mysteries, so the rest of the afternoon, we showed them where the library was – basement floor, sealed doors to protect original texts that were highly delicate, priceless and extremely dusty; we showed them the auditorium for assembly, announcements etc.; the principal’s office; the gym where various telekinetics were practicing throwing those giant exercise balls around the place; the convenience store across the street; the chicken and rabbit coop we had in the back – I wasn’t sure why we had those animals but I was betting on easy access for harvesting spell ingredients; and finally, the dorm building at the back..

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